Sunday, February 28, 2010

Proud mama!

On Saturday night we went out on a family date night. It was awesome! At my local Starbucks, I ran across a flier earlier in the week on their "share" board and knew we had to go. It was local, San Jose Civic Auditorium, and fairly inexpensive ($20 a person) which made it that much better. Where did we go, you ask? We went to Battle Fest Live 360!
As Justin says, "Sick!"
It was!

Battle Fest Live 360 was an exhibition of local HipHop/Dance crews. It was actually held over a couple of days with dance classes you could sign up for. But the last day, which was Saturday night, was the exhibition and competition. It was 4 hours long but didn't even seem like it. The dance crews were amazing and the music was banging!

There was a short 15 minute intermission at the two hour mark. That's when things got REALLY good! Of course some people headed to the bathrooms and concessions, but some of the dancers started to freestyle out on the dance floor. Pretty soon, a small circle had formed and anyone left in the stands naturally started to watch.
As we did.
Until, Justin looked over at dad and said, "I want to go down there."

Off they went.

I was expecting to see them emerge from a certain area in the auditorium, but when all of a sudden a little blue plaid fedora popped out from the rim of the circle and into the middle of it, I was up out of my seat as fast as my body would move. I grabbed the Flip Video and started videoing. The crowd did a couple cheers when he busted out his signature moves. Around me, in the stands, I did hear one couple say, "Who is that little boy?" I so wanted to turn around and say, "THAT'S MY BOY!!" But I didn't, I kept that video poised and focused. I couldn't believe the guts on my little one, he blew me away!

After, when we were just watching the rest of the performers, a few random dancers and audience members spotted Justin and told him what a great job he did. I was beaming!

I bet you are all dying to see the video!? As we are, too. Alas, in my haste to make "Mom of the Year Award" for capturing the most exciting moment in Justin's life so far (okay, maybe a bit dramatic... ) I did not hit the start button.
I know.
Don't go there.
: )

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