Monday, May 31, 2010

Office Lights

I've been wanting to update you about our office lights. I think you may remember the post about my Salvation Army lights I bought a while ago. They cleaned up nicely and I spray painted the chain and brass pieces silver. After hanging them, hubby and I both decided that the silver looks a little fake, so we may take them back down and spray all the silver black. But I really wanted to show you how they look hung...we LOVE them!

Aren't they lovely?
We really do need a better camera, or I need to keep practicing on how to take light pictures, but I think you get the idea. Funny, but the pictures almost make the silver look black.

Here's another funny about these lights. I had my daddy hook them up first just to a plug in power cord. I thought I was going to hang them somewhere else and not need them hard wired in. But, when hubby was out of town on business, I decided they really needed to be hung in the office. So, I called my daddy to come down and help me get them wired up. Mind you, I was trying to do this with out hubby's permission, but I knew he would like them.

Anyways, the lights worked perfect with the plug in power cord, but when my daddy had them all nicely hung and wired in the office, we flipped the switch....and nothing. No light. No flicker of light, nothing. I was horrified. Daddy thought for sure it was a bad wire running from the wall switch to the ceiling light outlet. Like as in, calling in the landlord to hire an electrician to come rewire JUST the office. Something wasn't right. I knew I had to fix it before hubby came home or he'd be a little upset. I told dad, let's start over. We did. He started taking the light down and when he had them undone from the ceiling, I noticed that wire to wire connection was not crossed over. I asked daddy about it, and he looked at me and said,"Why in the world did I do that?" Oh thank goodness! I simple rewire, no phone call to the landlord, and we have light!

Thank you daddy for the help and the teaching lesson! I love you!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mission Project

If you have a California fourth grader, you know that fourth grade is the year for missions. It was our year. We had Mission San Gabriel. We built it. Turned out pretty darn good, I think. We'll see what the teacher thinks. Tell me what you think. : )

Tallow vats (above picture).

Open fire pits and the grapevine behind (above).

The cemetery (above).

Inside the church (above).

We started off with a basic foam core kit and then added all the extra touches. We built everything we could by hand. I used some left over items from my doll house kit which really helped give it that authentic feel. We also used real wood stucco for the outside. All of the little rocks we rolled, or pinched really, by hand and glued them down. There is even real melted candle wax in the tallow vats. Oh, and to get the authentic looking fire pits, hubby stepped in and helped out. He burned the outside of the little clay pots and then we used the burnt matches for the "firewood". I think those are my favorite part, they really turned out cool looking! There is even a handmade wine crate. I hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Due to the weather, I'm still stripping

Yes, you read that right.
I am still stripping.
I'm sure we've all done it at some point.
Maybe we aren't proud of it, or maybe we are, but either way, we suck it up and do it.
But I really thought I would be done by now. I thought, this job will be in and out fast.
Well, I was wrong.
First, I didn't realize JUST how many layers there were to get through to the bare nakedness. Second, I probably should have started with the spray on stuff first.
And Third, this DARN weather just won't cooperate! I need SUN people!

Yes, I am still working on removing all the nasty black paint and crappy wood stain to my hubby's dresser.
Oh my gosh!
What were you thinking? : )

On a brighter note, I love it when rich people donate to thrift stores. They just don't care what things initially cost. I found these beauties for only $1.60 a piece! I KNOW!
I've been pricing "bun feet" online and holy cow, they are Uber expensive! But not if you find them, when you need them, at your local S.A.! These are going on hubby's dresser, if it ever warms up enough to start on it again.
*Does the sunny weather dance*
They are actually already painted a nice glossy black, those did get finished in amongst one of the nice days weeks back. And yes, there are four of them, you may not be able to see the other one in the first pic, but it's there. Love them!

The other day my oldest big brother (I have three big brothers), CAP, came over and brought me a present. I was so excited! We had talked about this gift a while ago, when I asked him if he still had it. He said he did and that he would love to give it to me as he doesn't have room to display it. Well, it took him a minute and I had forgotten about it, but there he was on a Saturday morning bringing it over. My first ever chess set! And down right GORGEOUS!
Just look:

It does lay flat, but I like how it looks propped up for display.

This has a back story. My daddy worked for Atari back in the 80's. Yup, it was AWESOME! Even had my 6th Birthday party there, but that's another story.

Anyways, my beloved daddy had to do a lot of traveling for Atari, and most of that was over seas in Japan, Hong Kong, and China. He always brought us gifts, which I still have most of. Oh my gosh, this just brought back a memory of one of the gifts he brought my brother and I, matching little cream colored Casio keyboards. I think they may have been one of the first portable style, we LOVED those things. But I don't think we have those anymore.

Okay, back to the chess set story. (Sorry, it's late, I get a little crazy...)

So, my dad was overseas and in this "flea market" style shopping area when he ran across a stall that was selling these. Hand carved Ivory and something stone (dad and I are still trying to research what the dark colored pieces are made of), in these cool wood cases with drawers that hold all of the pieces in these little elastic loops. He couldn't find one that he really liked in the stall, so the gentleman told him to come with him.

This is the part where my mother starts to freak out and tell him what a fool he was to just follow this man down some alley.

But he did.

He followed him down an alley, up two stories and down some dimly light hallway.

Only to end up in a room, filled with more of these chess sets. That's where this one came from. I think it's special that it wasn't out in the stall, being looked at picked over already.
I love the story of my dad taking a chance and finding the best of the best.
So I'm only ever so proud to display it in my home.
Thanks daddy for the memory and thanks big brother CAP for letting me have it.
I promise to love it and pass it down the line.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A sneak peek...

Found this little gem on CL for $10. This is the original before picture from CL. It also came with a huge trifold mirror, super cool but not part of the original dresser. Needs some TLC, which I've already started by sanding it down and pulling off the "rubber" deco piece lining the front. You can't see it in the picture because they painted over the whole thing. I can't wait to finish this one up!

This will be my second dresser to refinish. I just refinished mine that I found last weekend for $35 at an Estate Sale. An awesome estate sale I might say. Nanny and I happened to stumble across it and hit the jackpot. And again, she talked them down a bit, thanks Nanny, Love you!

Sorry, I didn't take any before pics, but you can picture the old stained wood look. The minute I finished it and put it in place, hubby was all over it and wanted a new dresser for himself. Stay tuned to see how his turns out. This one, is MINE!

50 cent s!

Yup, I got this cute, but very dated wooden spice rack from our local Catholic School thrift store for a whole 50 cents.

A little cleaning.

A couple coats of white spray paint.

Some FREE alphabet stickers and a little rub on bling and I have a darling little button/ribbon holder.