quiet books

I've made a few quiet books out of felt for some friends as baby gifts.  I've got to find all the pictures, but here is the first set I just ran across.  This one was made for a little boy who's daddy is a firefighter and mom is Hawaiian, so the pages were very tailored towards these two themes.  

Open me up!
 Fireman to the rescue!
 Up goes the ladder.
 Put the fire out, hurry!
Private Cabana for one...
  Jump in the hammock and take a snooze. 
 How many coconuts are there?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
 Day at the beach, pack the beach bag. 
Surfs up!  Let's play ball!  Put the umbrella up and block the sun.
Learn some facial expressions.  
Happy, Sad, Silly, and Wink.
Learning to tie my shoe.  
Match the shapes.  
 Tiki, slippas, pineapple, and turtle. 

All the shapes I cut freehand. I put onto cardboard templates first, then traced them onto the felt and cut.  Each page is actually two sheets of felt, so that I could sew one page at a time then assemble after. It was all machine stitched with a velcro closure.  This was the third one I've done, but the first that I attached the loose items with thin gold rope.  I liked the way it turned out and plan to do it again.  I just used binder rings to hold all the pages together.  
Hope you enjoy!


I found a few more!  I happen to run across a random jump drive lying around and low and behold, it has pictures of two more of my quiet books.  One I made for some long time friends of ours who had a boy and daddy happens to be a DJ as well.  His wife works for Apple and I couldn't pass either one of those theme ideas up.  Again, everything was hand drawn, hand cut, some hand sewn, most machine sewn and customized to fit.  I hope you enjoy this one!

Count the beads and match your numbers.
What starts with A, B, C? 
Apple, Beach Ball, Carrot!
Tie and untie, really a given in any child's quiet book.
Lift a flap and see what's underneath.
Doggie, Whale, Chick
Custom page of a DJ turntable, headphones and record box with records.
Button the records onto the turntable and spin!

Going to the circus, unzip the flap and come inside.
Which animals are going to perform?
The horse, giraffe and elephant!
Unbuckle the toy box to find the cars.
Watch out!  Don't crash!
Match your shapes and colors.

Made by me!

I found one of my two girl quiet books I've made.  I LOVE this one!  I love the vibrant back ground page color and all the girlie fun it has.  This one was also made for some dear friends of ours who's little girl was turning one.  My hubby and I went to the birthday party and I just love it when the grandma's are there and can remember their quiet books or ones that they made for another grandchild.  That happened at this party and it just tickled me pink!  This one, I didn't really have a "theme" in mind, just very girly and fun vibrant colors.  (Again, all hand drawn, hand made, hand stitched, machine sewn.)

Circus tent! 
I really like this page and it has become a staple in my books.
There are so many possibilities you can do for the tent itself.
The animals, giraffe, elephant and horse.
I do need to work on adding some different animals.
Lift a flap page.
A butterfly, dragonfly and ladybug.
Flower pot, pick a flower!

Let's go for a picnic!
I can make you a yummy lunch of...
Ham sandwich with cheese and tomato, grapes, strawberrys and a cup of tea!
Tie your shoe little one!
You can undo my hair ribbon and braid my hair.
Or unsnap my purse and get my hairbrush, comb and mirror.
Nice and gentle, please!
Shape and color matching.

Hope you liked this one too! I know "Little Flower" did.  : ) 

Peyton's book:

 Open the barn doors and feed the horses some hay.

 Learn your ABC's

Count from 1 to 10

My first touch and feel page!
Some ribbed, some satin and a little terry cloth.

Peyton's daddy is from Texas, and the family has lots of Texas pride.

Peyton really loves the garbage man, hence the garbage and following trash can page.

Tie your shoe!

This was also the first book that I added handles to.  I love the way they turned out.
Hope you enjoy it, Peyton!


Baby Lee's book

This is the first book that I made an actual cloth binding.  For my first time, I'm happy with the way it turned out, but I learned somethings and will make the changes with the next one.  

It's a sweet shop! Ice cream, cupcake or chocolate cake...yum!

My newest versions, on my Etsy shop!  I'm so excited!
These were made for "The Muppets" (nicknamed by their parents).
  They are little boy twins that happen to live down the street from me. I'm so thrilled to be able to make them these books.  I made them half the size, 8x9".  My normal books are 9x12.  Check them out:



  1. If you don't have an etsy shop you should! I would buy some of these for sure!

  2. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am trying to work one out right now...a few more steps and I'll be up and running. I'll post it up on my blog. Thanks again for the kind words!

  3. Did you start an etsy shop?