Monday, October 18, 2010

Our "New" Old Bed

I've been slowly working on our master bedroom, getting it to become "us".
My parents bought my husband and I our bed 5 years into our marriage.
We had this gymnasium of a water bed, complete with mirrored/etched headboard that wrapped it's way up the wall to attach to the lovely mirrored canopy.
Oh yes...can you say hideous 70's water bed?
You can!
Then you know why my loving parents bought us our bed.

Anyways, we've had it for 14 years now and it still works wonderfully.
I just wanted to tweak it a bit. It has a head board that basically has a mantel on top, so when you would sit up in bed and lean back trying to read a book, eventually your body would go numb because this little mantel would press against your neck in the most peculiar, uncomfortable way. I had run across an egg top foam mattress pad at Salvation Army for 3 bucks a while back. My hubby had two pieces of foam core from some old company signage, they were the perfect fit. I taped the two pieces of foam core together, folded the egg top foam into thirds and simply wrapped an old white curtain around the whole thing. I pinned the curtain in the back, ran some heavy duty velcro I have along the top and bottom and popped it into place. Yeah, no more numb legs!

This is the foot board, which is what the head board looked like. I'm also thinking of getting some bed risers, I love my new bed skirt, but it is a little long. I like the pooling affect, but it may be a bit much.

I also added the curtain canopy above the bed this weekend and the swing arm lamp.
I love how it all turned out.
Hubby is a big fan too!

I've got a few more "big" things to finish up, like my beautiful crystal chandelier, and hubby's dresser...which is turning out to be a bigger project than I thought. I know we'll conquer it! I'll keep you posted. : )


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Working hard

Hi all!
I've been working hard on two quiet books. One for a little boy, and one for a little girl. It's been fun doing them at the same time. I've finished the boy one, which you can check out here. It has already been given to Peyton, and from what I hear, he loves it! I'm almost done with the little girl one and will post it as soon as I get it finished.

The other project that I finished up, is our bedroom tv unit. It has actually been done for a bit, but I lost my camera to computer cord, and haven't been able to download them..until now! Yeah!

This started out as your typical armoire, with an upper portion that was half shelving, and half small drawers, with doors to enclose it all. So lovely country 80's. Thanks mom and dad! I took out all the guts of the upper portion, filled and sanded. Then painted it all white, with a touch of black here and there. I also papered the upper portion and cut a hole in the back for the TV to be able to stick out. I also cut off the huge hunk of an upper decorative nothing thing. It was weighing the whole piece down and made it HUGE.
I love the way it turned out!
Take a look:

Of course I had to add some items to the top of the unit. The little hat box is filled with all of our high school and Navy letters. There are LOTS of them. The two vintage linens came from my grandmother, which I adore. The picture, well, don't look too closely at that. Those were taken when I was 18 for my hubby. I had gone to a bridal fair with my mom, and signed up for Bedroom style pictures to be taken. This is one of hubby's favorites. The tall candle stick came from a garage sale, for a whole 75 cents, with the Z Gallerie price tag still on it. The love sign was wood from the Salvation army store, painted white and added some cute ribbon to hang it from. The mirror, well, if you know me, I have mirrors. No really. As I'm sitting here typing, I can look up and see four mirrors in my house.
I love mirrors.
And I don't even wear makeup.