Wednesday, February 10, 2010

From Swanky!

I've had this chair for years. It was left behind by a friend (Thanks Teresa!) and I had covered it with some tan material years ago. My son at one point took a marker to the tan material and the poor chair has been neglected ever since. Well...not anymore. A little free paint (Thanks C.L.!), some new material from another friends unwanted baby blanket (Thanks Val!) and voila!
A new love!

(I had to crop the picture from another picture after I realized I hadn't taken a "formal" before shot)


It doesn't exactly fit in the entryway, but for now, I love walking in and seeing it. My hubby has even taken to it, as well as his computer bag. I tried to throw this on it to detract the bag from landing on it, but it still seems to make it there.
Oh well.
I suppose it's better then tripping over the bag with one eye closed pretending to trick my brain into thinking I'm still sleeping while trying to make my way stealthily through the living room in pitch blackness because I'm so parched from the heater being left on all night that if I don't pour liquid down my throat I'm sure cotton will come out and stubbing my toe on the what's-supposed-to-be-padded corner protecting the laptop inside, it can rest on the chair...oh, did I just type that out loud?

I love this pillow, it reminds me of a record which ties into my honey's whole DJ thing. You can't tell from the picture, but the swirls are actually raised fuzzy velvet strips. Don't know if I like the combination with the seat material, though. And since it doesn't seem to keep the computer bag from resting it's bum on it, I'll end up finding a better home for it. Sorry wanna be record pillow, I don't think this adoption will work out. Consider it your foster home for now, don't get too attached. : (


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