Friday, February 19, 2010

Gossip Chair

About a month ago, my parents and I went on a little garage sale shopping spree. Amongst my other finds, I think my best treasure was a little "loved" gossip chair. They were asking $25 for it, but I overheard the homeowner mention that she just wanted to get rid of the furniture and would take anything for it. A few other people were looking at the little chair as well, but kept passing it up.
I almost did too.
My mom was the one that talked me into it.
She really didn't have to talk to hard or long, I really wanted it already.
So, I asked if she would take $10. The homeowner didn't even hesitate, sold!
Not only did I get a fantastic bargain on it, but when my daddy was loading it in the back of the truck, we found a little mechanical device. We didn't know what it was until we got it home and started messing with it. A lot of the old gossip chairs have a hole drilled in the top of the desk for lamp parts. Mine had the hole but it had a death trap of a note holder rather then a lamp or even phone, like I've seen some. Well, after removing the death trap and removing the mechanical device we did a little searching online to figure it out. That device turned out to be a rather old school lamp wiring system that when you sit down on the chair, it pushes on the device and lights up your light. I was floored!
How super awesome is that?!
I even had the PERFECT lamp for it. is my darling $10 Gossip Chair, all done up for the ball.

Isn't she a beaut? I just used a left over pillow sham and covered the seat with the front of the sham, and used the back of the sham to cover the front of the desk area. I even used the edge of the pillow sham to give the seat cushion a little skirt. I think my total for this whole project was:
$10 chair from garage sale
$0.50 Pillow sham from Salvation Army
$3.99 for the wanna be crystal lamp from Goodwill
$4.99 for the lamp shade from Ross
$0.25 for the handmade doily from garage sale
Left over trim from another lamp project, maybe $2.00 worth??
FREE paint from Craigs List
My time and effort. : )
Less then $25.00 for the whole project. The original cost of the chair. I love that!

I can't wait for you to gossip with me.


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