Monday, May 31, 2010

Office Lights

I've been wanting to update you about our office lights. I think you may remember the post about my Salvation Army lights I bought a while ago. They cleaned up nicely and I spray painted the chain and brass pieces silver. After hanging them, hubby and I both decided that the silver looks a little fake, so we may take them back down and spray all the silver black. But I really wanted to show you how they look hung...we LOVE them!

Aren't they lovely?
We really do need a better camera, or I need to keep practicing on how to take light pictures, but I think you get the idea. Funny, but the pictures almost make the silver look black.

Here's another funny about these lights. I had my daddy hook them up first just to a plug in power cord. I thought I was going to hang them somewhere else and not need them hard wired in. But, when hubby was out of town on business, I decided they really needed to be hung in the office. So, I called my daddy to come down and help me get them wired up. Mind you, I was trying to do this with out hubby's permission, but I knew he would like them.

Anyways, the lights worked perfect with the plug in power cord, but when my daddy had them all nicely hung and wired in the office, we flipped the switch....and nothing. No light. No flicker of light, nothing. I was horrified. Daddy thought for sure it was a bad wire running from the wall switch to the ceiling light outlet. Like as in, calling in the landlord to hire an electrician to come rewire JUST the office. Something wasn't right. I knew I had to fix it before hubby came home or he'd be a little upset. I told dad, let's start over. We did. He started taking the light down and when he had them undone from the ceiling, I noticed that wire to wire connection was not crossed over. I asked daddy about it, and he looked at me and said,"Why in the world did I do that?" Oh thank goodness! I simple rewire, no phone call to the landlord, and we have light!

Thank you daddy for the help and the teaching lesson! I love you!


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