Saturday, July 3, 2010

Give me a good weekend, and look what gets done!

After a month of prepping and then going on our summer family trip to Lake Don Pedro, I'm back! I'm relaxed and I've got the bug to get projects done.

Love it when a good weekend rolls around. Things like this get done:

Free chair on the side of the road...thank you!

Free primer and white gloss spray paint from my Big Brother CAP, thank you, Love you!

Free canvas tarp runner that my parents gave me because it was all funky shaped with a plastic slippery liner...thank you, Love you too!

Star material that I've had stored for years, so free to me now, thank me! hehe!

Free lessons on how to use our air compressor and staple gun attachment, from hubby, thank you, love you the best! : )

I can't believe that I did this one! I still have one item left to finish on it, but I was so excited about it, I had to post. I need to finish off the cording around the seat back, which I will have to go buy. I did buy one can of white gloss spray paint as my brother's didn't quite have enough, but if I can find a good deal on the cording, which I know exactly where to go for that, I should have a brand new French Provincial chair for less then $10.00. LOVE! This one is for our master bedroom, which is slowly coming together, piece by piece. But I don't mind, I can be patient and get a whole new bedroom set for less then I EVER imagined.

New dresser for me: 35.00
New dresser for hubby (still working on, it's a bear!): 10.00
New chair for us: FREE
Black crystal chandelier: FREE!! I think this one is my ULTIMATE score.

Two side tables that I picked up months ago from CL's (need to be redone): FREE

Wow! I'm so glad I have this blog to keep track, it will be fun to go back and really figure it out.

Okay, on to my next project.

I've got a girlfriend at work that has recently adopted a teenage daughter. They are actually still in the process of finishing all the paperwork and she mentioned that she is trying to get "her bedroom" put together.
I jumped at it.
I've been collecting pieces of furniture and needing to find homes for them before Hubby up and leaves. Okay, he would never, but you know how hoarding becomes a problem after a while.
I'm just sayin'.

Anyways, I found this darling little end/side table (not really sure if there is a difference) at S.A. for 12.00, again, a few months back. I didn't take a before picture, but it seriously was just a different shade of green, but with some love marks left on it. That sounds a little weird. What I mean is, it had some dings and scratches and a few dirt marks that I just couldn't get out. The two drawers were stuck together with the icky green paint they chose to use and not let dry before cramming the drawers in, so I had to do a little sanding on those. Oh, and it had some spilled wax on one side of it. The new teenager is wanting to use a bright key lime/florescent green color in her room. This is what I've come up with.

I love it.
I think it screams teenage diva.
Justin was walking by as I was staging these pictures in our hallway and said, " Cool colors mom."
Okay, I think I nailed it.
I also painted the candlestick lamp on the back of the table, and the little trinket box next to the lamp. I didn't however, paint the knobs on the drawers. Yup! I actually had two green star handles that fit perfectly! They were from one of Justin's hanging closet organizers that I used when he was a baby. The lamp shade is really a wire trash can that I picked up from the dollar store and wove with black ribbon and then glued on the white trim. I need to trim up the frayed ribbon and do that burning technique so they don't fray. Tomorrow I'm going to be picking up a free chandelier to go with this as well. I've been playing tag with another CL'r on a sweet little vanity that will fit in so nicely. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one! She's also got a dresser that is SOOO similar to mine that I just redid that I'll be taking too, hopefully! I think I've got a good start. What do you think?


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  1. new follower and i love what you have done to the *free* chair...i am looking for something similar for at my desk but so far no i'll just keep waiting....going to catch up on your other entries

  2. Thank you Chris! It is amazing what a little patience will bring you. I have found after the years of buying "apartment" furniture, waiting on those special pieces mean SO much more! I read that you have pieces from your great great grandparents, I'm jealous! But I do wear proudly a passed down wedding ring from my hubby's grandma, and another from my beloved mother in law. I have just realized the importance of keeping those treasures from family and have started my gentle gathering process. ~ nic