Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mission Project

If you have a California fourth grader, you know that fourth grade is the year for missions. It was our year. We had Mission San Gabriel. We built it. Turned out pretty darn good, I think. We'll see what the teacher thinks. Tell me what you think. : )

Tallow vats (above picture).

Open fire pits and the grapevine behind (above).

The cemetery (above).

Inside the church (above).

We started off with a basic foam core kit and then added all the extra touches. We built everything we could by hand. I used some left over items from my doll house kit which really helped give it that authentic feel. We also used real wood stucco for the outside. All of the little rocks we rolled, or pinched really, by hand and glued them down. There is even real melted candle wax in the tallow vats. Oh, and to get the authentic looking fire pits, hubby stepped in and helped out. He burned the outside of the little clay pots and then we used the burnt matches for the "firewood". I think those are my favorite part, they really turned out cool looking! There is even a handmade wine crate. I hope you enjoy it!


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