Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Bounty

This weekend was so sunny, I think the whole community was out and about. If you weren't having a garage sale (Thank you!), you were in your garden sprucing it up. We took advantage of the garage sales. : )

My loving husband had a shift at the Baseball Snack Shack, so my parents, my brother, and Justin and I hit up a few sales. We didn't intend to, we actually had started out with an errand to Lowe's, which I went to "look" at the curved shower curtains, and found the exact one I wanted, on SALE! I didn't even hesitate to purchase it, since it was half the price I kept finding online. We found our other few items and headed out.

Nanny and Poppy had spotted a Salvation Army that none of us had been to before a few days earlier, and that was on our list of to do items. We headed over there and were quite astonished at how large the store was. Unfortunately, the items were way over priced. I know, sounds kinda funny, but they were! When you find a used dresser for $250.00, I'm not sure how thrifty that really is. BUT! I did find these AWESOME hanging lamps! I've already spray painted all the bronze to silver and bought the light cord adapter plug, just need it all to be rewired. I can't WAIT to hang these in the office. Oh, and they were only $15.00, now that...was reasonable.

If we had a super cool outdoor living area, I could totally see these done up in a fun vibrant pop of color and hanging outside, lighting up an evening bar-b-que.

The big score, came totally by random driving around. The way my poppy drives is very obscure in that you never go somewhere and come back the same way. Sometimes it's annoying, but other times, like this one, it scored a jack pot! We hit up a garage sale and an Estate sale. We could have probably skipped over the garage sale and stayed at the Estate sale and spent all our money there. Here's what I scored...and thanks Nanny for your sweet wheeling and dealing on the milk glass! I owe really, I do owe you for this bounty.

Sock Monkey-$1.00
Blue Ball jar with Zinc and Ceramic lid-0.50cents (crazy, huh?!?)
Black iron wall mounted plant holder- $5.00
Two painted milk glass plates- $2.00 a piece
Mickey frame-0.50cents
LARGE pedestal milk glass bowl-$5.00
Covered pedestal candy milk glass dish dated from 1955-1960-$20.00 Yes the most pricey, but it's in PERFECT condition and so hard to find ones with unbroken lids! Actually, all the pieces of Milk Glass are in perfect condition.
Pair of milk glass candle sticks-$5.00
Low square covered milk glass candy dish-$5.00
Large Vintage Christmas Santa chocolate mold-$3.00
Tall glass jar, don't really know how to describe it, just liked it-0.75

And these...for FREE! Love those hubby's that just want the stuff gone and tell you,"Yes, I said there was no price tag so guess what, they are free and if anyone hassles you, send them to me." You really should have seen how fast my hand shot out and grabbed on for dear life. : )

These are going right up in our kitchen sink window. I've been looking and looking on Craigslist, but either just miss them, or don't want to pay what they are asking. But Free, I can do!

The Estate sale was the best, Nanny and Poppy found some beautiful Polish cut glass pieces and my brother found some more cook books that look yummy delicious. (Except for that meat dish, brother, please don't make that, it looked super gross!) Oh, he also scored a bread machine and recipe book for $5.oo! I couldn't believe it. We had just walked up to the first garage sale and he was already returning to the truck with arms full. Okay, it may have not been that fast, but he spotted that thing and had his mission complete.

All in all, great weekend to the end of a GREAT spring break. I'll be posting about that as soon as all the video and pictures are ready. I'll leave you with a little hint of where we went. One of the items I bought at the garage sale tied in nicely and still had the original price tag which I know we would have paid while there. We all left with just a little more Happiness in our Lives.


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