Friday, August 6, 2010

Pool Party!

Pictures from Justin's 10th Birthday party.

The little crew of 4 J's and an M had a blast goofing around in the pool. We played a few games, one being a big hit. We marked 20 each of 5 different colored poker chips with a "J" on one side and then added in a HUGE bunch of blank poker chips and threw them all in the pool. Boy, the pool was quite for at least 45 minutes while the boys searched for those marked chips. Easy, cheap, and fun game!

We also did an art project, but got so wrapped up in it I forgot to take still pictures of it, just video. We bought blank canvases, put a 12 inch initial with contact paper in the middle of the canvas, bought 6 different colored paints and loaded up spray bottles and condiment squeeze bottles and let them go at it. We also had torn up sponges and those water foam ball things, I don't know what to call them, but they worked great for soaking up paint and then splattering on the canvas. After drying, we pulled off the contact paper and ended up with some very unique initial art work. We liked it so much, we did it at the family party that night as well.

We just got home from taking little man to see Step Up 3D for one of his Birthday presents. GREAT movie! We all loved it! Next up on his Birthday list (yes, his presents tend to span over a few weeks) are the tickets to see his all time favorite DJ, Bassnecter. He is beside himself in anticipation! He's got two more weeks to wait but will have it fresh in his mind for when school starts. What a weekend that will be, Bassnecter on Saturday, he'll be DJ'ing in the park on Sunday, and then starts school on Monday as "Seniors" of the school. Okay, he'll only be in 5th grade, but they are the "Upper" class of school.

I feel like I've been rambling, maybe I should throw up some pictures.

(face/arm painting from company picnic)

(In the backyard working on his flips...could never catch the awesome mid-air action shot)

(In the trees at the S.F. Renegade Craft Fair)

I love you Justin!


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  1. hey sis cool chair and pics.It looks like the boys are having fun.I would bid on your chair but no place to put it oh wait(the man cave)good luck