Sunday, August 8, 2010

A little beachy

I picked up this cute child's rocking chair at my local Savers a few months back. I have one from my childhood, actually I believe it was my mother's from her childhood. (Mom, can you confirm?) I had been wanting to re-do a little rocker but really didn't want to do mine. So when I ran across this one, I grabbed it up quick.
I had one vision for it: beachy and unisex.
I think I achieved it, what do you think?

I made the little cushion reversible so if you didn't want the flowery motif any more, just flip it over and have a nice solid cream ribbed motif.

I added grommets to the ends of the tabs on the cushion, then just flipped the chair over, marked where the grommets landed, added some little screws for the grommets to fit over, and voila!
Reversible cushion. : )

So, if you are in the market for a darling little beachy rocker, let me know!
I've got one I can sell you. : )

Update: I sold this cutie at my garage sale to a sweet elderly couple for their great granddaughter! Yeah!

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  1. Awesome! And I LOVE that the seat is reversible! It is a really lovely shade of blue...what color is it? Thanks so much for linking up to Style Feature Saturday!! -shaunna :)

  2. Thank you Shaunna for your kind words! I used a gray primer, and then lightly sprayed it with RustOleum's Painters touch Spa Blue. Then gave it the old sand down. It's only my second time of doing the shabby look, and I really like it!
    Thank you again for the feed back, this blog land is so upbeat and refreshing!