Monday, July 12, 2010

Should I open shop?

I didn't think it would happen to me.
But I think it has.
I've become a furniture collector!
I can't believe I'm going to show you these pictures of our backyard right now...but hey, this is what blog land is all about, being real.

Amongst all the free furniture I've collected and have plans for, our backyard is also in the middle of a transformation. Above picture is of one of the two free shabby chic nightstands, free round double tier table and free little 5 drawer dresser.

Two sets of drawers, one set (the two that are actually sanded down) belong to my hubby's dresser. Yes, I've got two of the six drawers sanded down. The other three belong to the little 5 drawer dresser.

This lovely picture above has our free white outdoor bar, the rest of hubby's drawers for his dresser($10.00 if you remember), his dresser under the canvas painters tarp on the right, three doors that go on my cabinet in my guest bath that my daddy built me, a little gray and blue child's rocker ($5.00 from Savers) and on the left, facing backwards, is a behind the door coat and purse shelf hanger thing my father built ages ago. I do mean ages, like I think I was 5 or 6 maybe. My daddy built it so that each of us kids, 4 including me, and my parents would each have our own hook to hang bags and coats and such. I've got plans to update it with a fresh coat of paint, add some cool hooks and hang hubby's collection of record bags on it. Also, you can't see them, one is under the tarp and one is keeping the tarp from flying up, but there are also two mirrors out here. One was free and all curvy delicious, and one was $5.00 from St. Justin's and is a HUGE bar style mirror.

Oh yea, and this little number, a very loved free wooden chair. It needs ALOT of attention, but I know I can do it. Ha, you know what else was totally free in the back yard? Our hammock! You can see it shoved up against our patio swing in the first picture. I guess I should give a big shout out to all you CraigsListers out there, you make my day complete! Without you guys, I wouldn't have a back yard full of free unwanted furniture that previous owners just couldn't see potential in. I thank you for giving me your unloved, unwanted children and allowing me to teach them how to act and feel. They leave my hands new children with a fresh, renewed outlook on life.

Okay, maybe I took that a bit far?


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