Sunday, April 4, 2010

Could you do something with this?

I found this in our community spring clean up:

It was old, painted on, and super beaten up. But I saw potential in it and loved the vintage appeal it came with.

I brought it home and cleaned it and took it all apart.

I spray painted all the green metal bright shiny red.

I started with the back rest first. I sanded down the inner wood and then started by hot gluing batting to the wood and covering it all with a yellow liner material.

Then I covered it with this beautiful material I've had for years. I don't even remember where I got it, but I love it and have been waiting to use it.

Can you picture it yet?

I traced out a crude pattern, found some red plaid ruffle and white eyelet ruffle to add and pinned them all together.

After sewing it, turning it right side out, and slipping it over the padded back rest, I folded and stapled the bottom opening to the wood and ended with this result. LOVE!

I attached the back rest cushion to the metal part and started in on the seat.

The seat was so rotted I had to have hubby cut me a new piece from a left over kitchen cabinet shelf.

I didn't have any seat batting, so I cut up a free thermal blanket. I layered the "batting" and then cut a long thin piece to go around the edge of the wood which I just hot glued. I then took the whole thing and covered that with a piece of a white sheet.

I then took my beloved yellow and white material and cut a square piece out of that and placed it over the top of the white.

I found some red courderoy material and white eyelet material. I cut them both into strips, the red into 6 inch wide strips, and the white eyelet into 4 inch wide strips.

I gave them each a quick hem with a zig zag stitch and then pinned them together and ran a gathering stitch along the top. I made a quick ruffle and pinned this to the edge of the seat cushion.

I sewed all that together and then pulled it tight over the white seat cushion. It looked like this:

I screwed the seat cushion to the base and then attached the back rest and turned out with this. I ADORE it! I do need to finish the steps so I will have some updates, but I was so excited about her so far, I just had to share! Let me know what you think! : )


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  1. well i be *&^( how cute....made me smile nice job