Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter morning!

Easter aftermath:

We had a great Easter! Justin likes to wake up early on ALL holiday's. So, the festivities began at 7 in the morning. I do love the early morning excitement, but I wish it would last a little longer. Having only one child, and coming from a family of 6, the holiday fun only lasts a short burst of time. But the overall joy and cheer enjoyment Justin has, makes up for it!

The Easter Bunny always hides our real colored eggs, but he also tucks in a few fake eggs with clues to find a HUGE golden egg. The Bunny has been doing this for several years now. Justin always gets a kick out of it and loves to find that Golden Egg with the prize inside. One year, that Bunny was so tricky, he hid one of the clue eggs in our Pepsi machine! (Yes, we have a fully functioning Pepsi machine in our garage, for the poker night boys, we honestly only drink milk, water, or Arizona's Diet Blueberry Green Tea.) Anyways, this year Justin found all his real eggs, but not one fake egg. He thought the Bunny forgot. Until he opened up his new WII game and the first clue was tucked inside! Off he went to hunt for that Golden Egg...which he found tucked in the entryway cabinet stuffed with cash for our upcoming Disneyland trip. Happy Easter to him!
Here are some pictures of Justin opening his Easter basket from both mom and dad, and Nanny and Poppy.
Mom and dad's Easter basket goodies.

New WII Baseball game, The Bigs 2.

Checkin' out the new Tony Hawk shirt from Nan's and Pop's.

New Flip Flops for back and forth to Gym.

What are these?

Super cool recycled, ultra scented writing pencils!
Very Berry and Cotton Candy.

I can't wait to be retired and find all the cool things my parents get to find. : )

Here are just a few of the "quick get the camera before he finds them all" shots of Justin hunting for the eggs.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!


Oh...and just because I can, (sorry brother! : ) ) here's a shot of my brother, looking like he's trying to ignore it, getting the stare down from our dog Brody. Really, fluff ball? You think you can take him down?

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