Monday, June 6, 2011

I'll take that!

A few weekends back, I jumped on CL's and found this, for FREE!
French Curio Cabinet.

I moved it right in and started filling it up.  I couldn't believe that by the end of gathering all my milk glass, brother's antique thimbles and button hooks, Grandma Quinby's pill boxes and vintage linens, my antique butter pats and salts, and my other favorite things, I had filled it all up!  I love it! 

Top shelf
Other side of top shelf
Second shelf
Other side of second shelf
Third shelf
Other side of third shelf, sorry, a little blurry.
Fourth shelf
Other side of fourth shelf...I think you've got the pattern now...
Bottom shelf
Other side...
I couldn't believe how much Milk Glass that I rounded up.  I even have two lamps that wouldn't fit in the curio.
Grandma Q's vintage linens
Grandma Provancher's anniversary charm bracelet.  Round flute that I got when I was a child from the Renaissance fair.

Justin's hand in wax.  The milk glass to the left hold all of our pressed pennies and quarters.
Mom's childhood charm bracelet, my hand painted bust pin from the Vatican I got when I was 15 in Italy.  The little Indian girl I've also had since childhood and for the life of me, I can't remember where I got it. I would guess a craft fair, as we did tons of those when I was little.
My vintage mini teddy bears with John's dad's pocket watch.
Our found dried out purple sea urchin.  You wouldn't believe how many fully intact specimens we have found.  I even found a completely intact monarch butterfly one day while raking the leaves.  Amazing!
My little handmade mouse from my trip to England with my parents when I was 12 (?), a set of English thimbles and my Irish Claddagh ring, also from our trip to Europe.  Stack of Grandma Q's linens.
Vintage wooden napkin rings from my parents.  We used to use these a lot when I was little as well.
My two jade bracelets from my fathers trips to Asia and my hand poured angel wing from the Renegade Craft Fair.
Justin's first pair of shoes.
Grandma Q's pill boxes and mom's screw on costume studs.
 I love walking out in to my craft room and looking at all my little treasures and adding more to them.  Hope you enjoyed my little tour. 

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