Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Summer Dinner

With the weather finally getting into the swing of things, hubby and I decided it was time to fire up the bar-b-que.  Okay, well, maybe hubby is the only one firing it up, but I did help him clean it.  : )

I got the bug in me to set up a nice "outdoor" dining area.  I went out to our backyard, took a look at our crappy outdoor furniture, and went, okay, inside in the sun room it is.  (Yes, the sun room is also affectionately known as my craft room.)  I just threw on a white tablecloth over my blue blanket/tablecloth, used some beachy feeling fabric napkins for place mats and looked for white and blue dishes/serving ware for the rest.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  

My newly recovered chair, I even let hubby use this one.

My other newly recovered chair, let the little man use this one.  He got the vintage fish napkin holder.  I thought it suited him that day, since he had been swimming twice. 

Hubby's vintage napkin holder, the King Elephant.

My vintage napkin holder, the little woodpecker.

Mmm..dinner time!  Steaks, corn, au gratin potato's and our favorite apple-blue-cheese-cranberry salad.

I thought it was cute that little man noticed my steak was shaped like a heart.  I do love my blue cheese topping!

Little man enjoying his dinner.

Big man enjoying his dinner.

And for dessert...roasted marshmallows, of course!

How we all felt after our first official summer time meal.

I didn't realize what a great spot my craft room is to eat in.  Still nice and bright and breezy from all the windows, but no sun glaring down on us and no bugs flying around.  I'm sure we'll be doing this again soon now that the weather has realized it's summer. 

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