Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Fowler Style

The first sign when you enter the house!  After Santa has been here, he flips the little hanging sign over to let us know he's been here. 

 We collect our Christmas mail in the little tin mailbox I've had for years.  It gets stuffed every year!  After resting a bit on our chair full of Joy and St. Nicks, you can pass by my other reading chair and sit for a cute Christmas story from any one of the books.  Or perhaps your more in line to take a quick wintery shot in one of our Peppermint shot glasses tucked in amongst our rolling bar.  Don't get frost bite from the snowballs as you are looking!

 After your warm Peppermint winter shot, you can figure out which day we are on and choose the "Word of the Day" from our newest advent calendar.  Didn't know what else to fill those darling little envelopes with, so if one us is having a conversation during the month of December with you, and all of a sudden a random word or phrase pops up, don't be alarmed and think we are crazy, it's probably just "Word of the Day."

It looks like today's word may have been hot!  Poor Frosty melted right into his hat!

 The fire place area includes our Native American Creche and Santa holding ALL of our stockings waiting to be filled (although, Justin's is not up in this picture due to him needing a new one this year and I am in the midst of making it...).

 The mantle is the perfect spot to highlight all of Justin's letters from Santa and Marcus, Justin's elfman.  The awesome 3-D glasses are when we drive through Vasona Park for Fantasy of Lights and watch the twinkling lights turn into twinkling snowmen and stars.  Super cool!

Around the corner from it all, is our advent calendar corner.  It's loaded with Justin's advent calendars we've collected through the years.  The Playmobil set hanging on the right wall, makes the cutest Christmas scene in the paper house display!  It changes every year as Justin decorates the scene himself. 

 The last room to get a little Christmas spirit, is the water closet. 

 Love my bubbling glittery Santa nightlight!

 The Musical Bears were given to us last year, and they have filled our house with Holiday songs.  If you don't want to hear an instrument, take the bear off the main stage and move him to the lower platform, you'll no longer hear that instrument.  When he's ready to come back, he'll jump in like he never left!

 This beautiful vintage Christmas scene, came from my mother and is the perfect little hiding cloth for my vintage bowls to stay warm behind.  On top of this cabinet (above pictures) are my vintage chocolate molds and little mini cookie presses.  I love this corner of the house!

 Even the collection of baseballs are touched with cheer!  They are highlighted by the most beautiful glass block ever!  Nanny and Poppy, you rocked these!  My parents made these amazing Holiday glass blocks by drilling a hole in the back, filling it with white lights, and printing vintage images onto shiny card stock which they ran through a sticker maker and stuck to the front of the blocks.  I have two, and love them both!  

I hope you had a good visit.  Come back soon as we still need to wrap up our Christmas tree!

On a side note, and to shamelessly promote myself, I've been working on posting items in my Etsy shop.  I read a tip that one of the best ways to stay out in the public's eye, is to post daily.  At .20 cents per item, you really can't go wrong!  So go on, check it out. I may have just that right gift you were looking for.  : )  


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