Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For sale?

Hey there!
I think the family is finally all done being sick. Maybe we all caught something after we hauled all our unwanted crap outside last Saturday for our big family garage sale. That was fun! It turned into a nice little family gathering with a surprise visit by one of my nephews. I always like having garage sales because people feel the urge to tell you the most random stories. Maybe because they are peering into your world just a smidge, buying all your old memories. Hopefully taking your stuff and building more memories with them.

Anyways, after the sale I sent little man and TALL boy out on their bikes to collect the sale signs.
This is what came home:

Yup, came riding up the street with all the signs taped to himself.
(That's TALL boy, my nephew, by the way.
You can't tell because he's kneeling, but TALL boy is over 6 feet.)

Now I can't wait for this weekend! Our community Spring Clean Up project has started and our weekend is this one!
I love spring!
Do you?

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